With time, a washing machine gets dirty; soap scum eventually builds up and consequently, your washer stops running smoothly.

In this situation, it’s a good idea to teach yourself how to clean a washing machine so that you can prevent any mold, grime, and smells.

In this article, you’ll learn how you can deep clean both top-loading washers and front-loading washers by using baking soda and vinegar (this process can be a bit different for each type of machine).

So keep on reading the information below to find out.

How To Clean The Front-Loading Washing Machine by Using Baking Soda And Vinegar


  • Gather all the cleaning supplies. Things you’ll need include: Baking soda, spray bottle, distilled white vinegar, toothbrush, and microfiber cloth.
  • Spray a washer drum by using white vinegar. White vinegar is considered a highly efficient cleaning product as it cuts through the buildup, residue, grease, and hard water stains. Try adding your white vinegar to the spray bottle and then spritz the drum’s inside. Wipe all around it by using the microfiber cloth while leaving no surface untouched.Spray a washer drum by using white vinegar
  • Wipe around rubber gaskets. Rubber gaskets (seals around a door) are often in need of a serious cleaning. While wiping around them, you will most likely find mildew, hair, and scum. Make sure to wipe it all away.
  • Try pouring distilled white vinegar into a detergent dispenser and then run a washing machine. Measure out 2 cups of the distilled white vinegar, pouring it directly into the washing machine’s detergent dispenser. Then set a washer to run on the longest cycle with hot water.
  • Now add baking soda into a drum, running your washing machine again. Try sprinkling half the cup of baking soda into a drum of a washing machine, running it on the exact same settings (hottest and highest).
  • Wipe down the front as well as the door of your washing machine. Spritz vinegar onto the microfiber cloth and try cleaning both inside and outside of a door till it shines. Then run it along the front of a machine while ensuring you get the control panel and knobs.
  • Leave a door ajar to ensure a washing machine dries out. If you leave a door ajar as you let your machine dry, it’ll keep mildew and mold at bay. You can try wiping it with the dry microfiber cloth as well.

How To Clean The Top-Loading Washing Machine By Using Baking Soda And Vinegar


  • Start by adding vinegar to a washing machine and begin a cycle. Ensure the washing machine runs on its hottest and highest setting. Add in 4 cups of white vinegar, turning it on. However, after a few moments, pause your washing machine, letting vinegar and water sit for one hour.
  • Now try wiping down the lid as well as the rest of your washing machine. As you wait, tackle the rest of your washing machine’s surfaces. Begin by spritzing vinegar onto the microfiber cloth and then run it along the lid’s top and bottom, sides, as well as the front of your washer. Then rub along each square inch of the appliance.
  • Don’t forget to focus on a fabric softener dispenser and detergent. Your washing machine’s fabric softener dispenser and detergent require extra attention. Also, try using a toothbrush for scrubbing their openings and getting them clean and fresh.Man pouring fabric softener to dispenser
  • Run another cycle. After the first cycle has finally ended, try pouring in one cup of baking soda, turning the washing machine on once again for another powerful cycle (still on the highest/hottest settings).
  • Lastly, leave the lid open as you let it dry out. Just like the front-loader, the top-loader also needs to dry. The simplest way you can do this is by keeping the lid up till it’s dry. You may also wipe it out by using the dry microfiber cloth if that’s what you prefer.


Bottom Line

Keeping the washing machine well-kept and clean is of utmost importance. This will ensure that it keeps functioning without any troublesome problems while sustaining its efficiency.

If you consistently use the tips mentioned above, your washing machine will keep working properly and flawlessly as it should.

However, if you encounter any serious or complicated problems you can’t fix by yourself, make sure to ask a professional for help.

They will successfully assist you in solving any kind of issue that your washing machine has.



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