If your freezer breaks down or does not work properly, the most effective solution is contacting certified appliance repair techs. Mainly because the technicians are always ready to offer you all the assistance you need.

But how much does a freezer repair cost in Australia? The average price of a freezer repair is AU$ 200-550. For example, this estimate includes issues like fixing the defrost mechanism or replacing the evaporator fan motor.

A malfunctioning freezer can lead to significant food waste, as well as a huge mess if the malfunction goes unnoticed for too long.

Similarly, the extent of the damage will impact the ultimate cost of the repair. Following are a series of typical problems and standard repair fees.

The freezer does not freeze.

A freezer that does not freeze is an urgent problem that requires immediate action. Perhaps, this is the most common problem of all issues related to freezers.

Sadly, it is also not necessarily an easy one to solve. Mostly because the causes could be numerous.

You can expect to pay anywhere between AU$ 160 and AU$ 550 or a little bit more. Usually, the repair tech will check:

  • the seal conditions
  • the thermostat
  • cabling or batteries
  • the evaporator coils

The replacement of the thermostat is rather expensive.

Besides, it could lead to a somewhat long waiting period, depending on the freezer model such as Hisense, Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, and more.

All in all, just replacing it could cost you up to AU$ 550.

Water leaks.

This is a normal and common problem. Most of the time, the accumulation of dirt causes the freezer to have water leaks.

To be precise, small clogging can cause a partial or total block of the condensed water drain pipe.

Once the repairman diagnosed the problem, the repair tech will clean and unclog the drain pipe.

The drain hole is particularly subject to the accumulation of dirt, so it should be cleaned regularly.

However, the tech will likely perform a series of testing to prevent other issues as well.

Cleaning and maintenance will cost you anywhere between AU$ 160 and AU$ 650 in case of a severe blockage.

The freezer fan is not working.

Sometimes, freezers make unusual noises. In this case, the freezer fan may be responsible for the hums and whirs.

Read the quote to find the price of the service and the replacement unit. In brief, replacing the motor fan can cost you up to AU$ 800.

Above all, some old freezer models may mount truly unique fan motors. Of course, choosing compatible replacement parts may prove to be less expensive.

Luckily, this is quite a fast repair. The technician will connect the wires and insert the new freezer fan into the socket.

Then, the repair tech will clean the vent openings and the drain tube.

Broken freezer defrost sensor.

A series of tests are employed to figure out the possible cause of the problem with your domestic or commercial appliance. Including replacing the power transformer if nothing else works.

freezer not defrosting, full of ice, broken freezer

A broken freezer defrost sensor is quite tricky to figure out. Normally, moisture in the air condenses on the radiator and freezes. At this point, the defrost system should kick in.

But if the defrost sensor is broken, all sorts of problems can happen. Expect to pay AU$ 160-320 in total.

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