It is a question of age and function. Some of the most palatable meals have been cooked in old ovens. Ovens have an average lifespan of 15 years, and after that, they start acting up too frequently.

However, with better care, service, and maintenance, ovens have been known to last longer. When the repairs become too frequent, it may be wise to invest in a new oven.

Common Fixable Oven Problems

The oven fails to light.

After a long time of use, the oven may, one day, fail to light automatically. If that happens, old age could be the leading cause-worn parts.

More specifically, though, the problem is likely a broken switch, broken wires or faulty igniter, and damaged gas control.

This problem is fixable. You can have an oven repair expert take a closer look at your oven for a detailed diagnosis.

The oven doesn’t heat.

For gas ovens, this likely means that you have a faulty igniter. For an electric oven, the heating element’s probably seen better days.

Issues to do with faulty igniters or damaged heating elements can often be fixed fast and affordably by anyone with skilled hands.

woman trying to bake and looking at the oven.

The oven fails to heat to the right temperature.

The food doesn’t cook properly; it comes out undercooked, overcooked, unevenly cooked, or charred. The cause of this problem for an electric oven could be as simple as a faulty breaker.

These are especially vulnerable to power surges. It could also mean that there something wrong with the temperature sensor or the heating element inside the oven. Breakers and temperature sensors are replaceable, and they don’t cost much, so don’t worry about buying a new oven just yet.

Oven doors fail to shut.

This is not a rare problem, and it has its roots at the hinges. These moving parts can give in to wear and tear and jam when you need to close or open the oven door. It can also be an amalgam of factors, including broken springs and damaged rubber gaskets.

Don’t despair. A practiced oven repair professional equipped with the right replacement parts can fix this issue fast and affordably.

The oven light isn’t working.

Oven lights help you see what is cooking and how good it is cooking.

Without that, it would be a very second-rate experience of opening oven doors every time you want to check on the cooking, a process anathematized by pro and DIY chefs.

The cause might be a faulty light switch, damaged connecting wires, or blown bulbs. All these issues are fixable.

Signs the Oven is Giving Up Its Ghost

$2000 is the average price of a new oven, according to Home Advisor, while a typical oven repair costs $220.

Many oven repair problems are fixable fast and cheaply. Before you think about going out to buy a new oven, consider an extensive expert diagnosis of the problem. Pros may find it to be a very small matter.

But when the repairs become too frequent, that is a sign of old age. If you have to do recurrent repairs for the same issues within a short time span, consider buying a new oven. It will save you money.

Here are signs that you need to buy a new oven:

Rust and grime

old oven, rust and grimeIf this happens once or twice, it just means that the oven needs a thorough clean.

If it happens every day, it means that corrosion of internal parts is happening faster than you can keep up.

Rust is toxic and can cause severe food poisoning. Consider buying a new oven.

You hear strange noises.

Both gas and electric ovens make some noises when cooking, but there is a threshold of normal. If you start hearing louder and stranger noises such as scratching and buzzing, that could mean that the oven has many loose parts. If this happens with an older oven, please consider a replacement.

Lately, energy bills are higher than usual.

Older ovens may lose their energy efficiency even when everything else seems to be working fine. If this happens, and you know that the oven is way past the 10-year mark, you might need a new one.

Expert oven repairs can get the appliance working perfectly again. But you must track the frequency of repairs and do the math. For an old oven, buying a new one may save you more money in the long term.


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