One of the essential things needed by a family is clothes. Clothes that cover our bodies and protect us from almost all dangerous factors inside and outside our homes.

It keeps us maintain cleanliness and away from sickness. Thus, it is important that we clean our clothes, no matter how big or small they are.

But what can we do if ever our trusted cloth cleaning partner got broken? Do we immediately need to replace it? Or can we find ways to fix and keep it running? It is worth fixing your washing machine?

Questions you need to answer before deciding in fixing or replacing your washing machine:

Wait a minute. Before you decide if you are going to have your washing machine, you have to think about these questions first and consider the possible factors:

How Old Is My Washing Machine?

Old white washing machine

A washing machine only has approximately 11 years to maintain its functionality. As time goes by, the performance of your washing machine will be slower and not as good as the first day you bought and used it.

Once the unit is breaking down but not regularly, you can find someone to repair it, nut, if it is not functional anymore, replacing it would be the best option.

It is important that you consider the age of your appliance for it really might need replacement and fixing won’t be necessary anymore.

What Is Wrong With My Unit?

Loud sounds while spinning? Faulty wiring? Or not functioning at all? You must know what is wrong with your unit or if it was possible to still work things out.

Knowing the problem of your washing machine is a factor that will help you in deciding. You can have it checked with professional or small business owners and even the company where you bought it in for expert opinions.

Is My Washing Machine Model Still Good and Efficient?

A couple looking at their washing machine if its still good and efficient

As technology arises, new models with better performance are available in the market. Thus, it is a consideration to buy a new one if yours is not satisfactory in completing its goal.

With greater efficacy and energy-saving skills, you can surely enjoy the use of a new unit.

But, if your washing machine still functions well and has no regular damage, and could still fulfill its duty, then there is no need of buying a new one.

Can I Still Afford Repairs With My Budget?

Buying a new washing machine can be a really money-saver, especially if the unit you have malfunctions regularly.

But if it is not necessary, you can still consider finding the nearest and cheapest washing machine repairman and avail of their services every now and then.

But, if the unit is beyond repair, then don’t abuse and waste money, just buy a new one dispose of your old washing machine properly.

You should also consider the cost and labor of finding and fixing replacement parts of your washing machine.

Some parts are expensive especially those that are manufactured overseas. Also, there are washing machines that don’t have replacement parts anymore for maybe it is a very old version of the unit.

Where Is My Warranty?

A warranty is a written document given by the manufacturer or maker to ensure the replacement or repair to be made on their sold unit in a period of time.

Once the warranty period is done, you need to pay the repair or replacement half or full in price. You must know the span of your warranty period so that you can save enough money while it is still ongoing.

You must also remember that there are only several cases where a warranty is valid. Refer to the manuals and warranty guarantee given to you.

We Could Be of Help!

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