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At Quality Appliance Repairs, we are capable of repairing both commercial and domestic coffee machines, catering to all makes and brands like DeLonghi, Saeco, Jura, Breville, and more.

Whether you require replacement parts or solutions for intricate issues, QAR has you covered. With over fifteen years of experience, thousands of satisfied customers, and a string of 5-star reviews, our reputation speaks volumes.

Your coffee machine is handled with care in our Dandenong workshop, typically taking an average of 2 weeks for completion. While actual times may vary, our average inspection period is two weeks.

Rest easy with our industry-leading warranties – a 3-month labour warranty and a 12-month parts warranty, setting us apart from the rest of the competition.

Our retail support team is available to talk six days a week, feel free to call us! 




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"This was a great repair experience. Roy was quick to arrive (earlier than promised too) , diagnosed the problem with the gas oven correctly and fixed it right away- he even had the part in his truck. He was efficient, polite and professional, and left no mess whatsoever behind. "

5 star review on google maps from a happy customer using our appliance repair Perth services

Katie, Williamstown

"My dishwasher wasn't draining all of the water out and also there was glass stuck deep inside somewhere making a loud noise, Quality Appliance Service came out the same day to fix my dishwasher! Amazing service 5 star rating."

5 star review on google maps from a happy customer using our appliance repair Perth services

Rob, Southbank

"The guy who attended our call was amazing. Prompt, responsive and very professional. We will definitely use them again, though I really hope our fridge does not go kaput anytime soon! A great experience in a stressful time for us."

5 star review on google maps from a happy customer using our appliance repair Perth services

Lena, Surry Hills

Types Of Coffee Machine We Repair


Manual Espresso Maker


Automated Espresso Makers


Moka Pot




Auto Drip Brewer


and much more

Common Coffee Machine Problems


Bad power cord


On/off switch not working


Clogged valve


Clogged heating tube


Won’t complete brewing


and much more

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Machine Repairs

Is it worth repairing a coffee maker?

Deciding whether it’s worth repairing a coffee maker depends on a few factors.

According to our technicians, the most important one is the cost of repair.

Compare the cost of repairing the coffee maker to the price of a new one. If the repair cost is less than 50% of the price of buying a new coffee maker, it’s definitely worth repairing.

We can help you figure this out. Contact us, and our skilled technicians will promptly attend to your needs.

Now, there are other factors to take into account as well:

The age and condition of your coffee maker: If it’s an older model or has experienced multiple issues in the past, it might not be worth fixing it. It may be best to invest in a new one, as other parts might fail soon.

Warranty coverage: If your coffee machine is still under warranty, it’s definitely worth repairing, as the costs will likely be covered.

Sentimental value: Coffee makers are one of the few household appliances where sentimental value plays a huge role.

If you’re attached to your coffee machine because it was passed down to you, or because its features and quality of coffee fit your preferences and lifestyle, it’s worth repairing (even if it’s not the most economical choice for some).

Availability of parts: Determine if the necessary replacement parts are readily available. ]This can be more challenging for older models.

If the replacement parts are difficult to find or expensive, it could impact the feasibility of the repair.

As you can see, the decision to repair a coffee maker depends on your circumstances, priorities, and budget.

 Contact us, and our skilled technicians will promptly attend to your needs.

How much does it cost to fix a coffee maker?


Workshop inspection fees for customer drop-offs to our Dandenong facility are as follows:
– Domestic Appliances: $90+GST
– Premium Domestic Appliances: $90+GST
– Built In Coffee Machines: $180+GST
– Commercial Appliances: $180+GST

This fee covers the customer dropping the appliance off and includes the workshop inspection.

Additional charges will apply if the customer opts for Quality Appliance Repairs to deliver the unit back. Once inspected, further labor and parts will be quoted as needed to restore the machine.

For pick-ups from the customer’s property and delivery to our Dandenong workshop, fees vary:
– Domestic Appliances: $180+GST
– Premium Domestic Appliances: $220+GST
– Built In Coffee Machines: $220+GST
– Commercial Appliances: $260+GST

This includes pick-up, and workshop inspection, but not the return of the customer’s appliance. All our work comes with a 3-month labor warranty and a 12-month parts warranty.

Within the first 0 to 3 months of attending the job, if the same fault recurs, there will be no charge, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

What is the lifespan of a coffee machine?

The lifespan of a coffee machine can range between 3 to 15 years, depending on the make, model, and brand.

Here are some general lifespans for different types of coffee machines:

Drip Coffee Makers: Standard drip coffee makers typically have a lifespan of around 5 to 7 years. With regular cleaning and maintenance, they can last even longer.

Espresso Machines: Espresso machines, especially higher-end models, are typically built to last longer.

On average, a well-maintained espresso machine can last anywhere from 7 to 15 years or more.

Professional-grade espresso machines used in commercial settings may have a shorter lifespan due to higher usage demands, but this can be prolonged with well-care and servicing.

Pod/Capsule Machines: These are generally less durable compared to traditional drip or espresso machines, mostly because they often have more plastic components.

This tends to give them a shorter lifespan, typically ranging from 3 to 5 years. But of course, this can vary depending on the specific brand and model.

Keep in mind that these are very general estimates. Your individual experience will vary.

But regular maintenance, such as descaling, cleaning, and replacing worn-out parts, can help prolong the lifespan of a coffee machine.

Additionally, the warranty provided by the manufacturer can give you an idea of their estimated lifespan and potential support in case of issues.

What causes a coffee machine to stop working?

There are several potential reasons why a coffee machine may stop working.

QAR technicians have seen the following common issues causing a coffee machine to malfunction or cease functioning altogether:

Power supply issues: Check if the coffee machine is properly plugged in and receiving power. Faulty power cords, tripped circuit breakers, or power outages can prevent the machine from working.

Heating element failure: The heating element is responsible for heating the water in the coffee machine. If it fails, the machine may not be able to heat the water to the necessary brewing temperature.

Water flow problems: Issues with water flow can prevent the coffee machine from brewing. This can be caused by clogged water lines, a malfunctioning water pump, or a faulty water reservoir valve.

Faulty control panel or buttons: If the control panel or buttons on the coffee machine are malfunctioning or not responding, it can prevent the machine from operating properly.

Sensor or thermostat issues: Coffee machines often have sensors or thermostats that regulate temperature and brewing cycles. If these components are faulty, the machine may not function as intended.

Clogged or dirty parts: Over time, coffee machines can accumulate mineral deposits, coffee residue, and other debris that can clog or affect the performance of various parts, such as the water filter, brew basket, or tubes.

Worn-out or broken parts: Normal wear and tear can cause components in the coffee machine to degrade or break over time. This can include valves, seals, gaskets, or pumps.

Electronics or circuitry problems: In more advanced coffee machines, electronic components or circuitry issues can cause the machine to stop working. This can be due to electrical faults, damaged circuit boards, or other internal failures.

These are some of the most common causes, specific issues with a coffee machine may vary depending on the model and brand of the appliance.

Now, if your coffee machine has stopped working, start by consulting the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide.

If you can’t find answers there, give us a call. One of our qualified technicians will diagnose and repair the problem.

What is the proper maintenance of a coffee maker?

Proper maintenance of a coffee maker is essential to keep it functioning well, prolong its lifespan, and ensure the best-tasting coffee.

While specific maintenance requirements can vary depending on the type and model of the coffee maker, here are some general maintenance tips:

Regular cleaning: Clean your coffee maker regularly to remove coffee residue, oils, and mineral deposits that can accumulate over time.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning or descaling. You can generally clean the carafe, filter basket, and removable parts with warm, soapy water. Descaling can be done using a mixture of vinegar and water or a commercial descaling solution.

Clean the water reservoir: Regularly clean the water reservoir to prevent the buildup of bacteria, mould, or mineral deposits. Empty and rinse the reservoir, and wipe it with a damp cloth.

Replace the water filter: If your coffee maker has a water filter, replace it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This helps improve the taste of your coffee and prevents mineral buildup.

Clean the brew basket and filter: After each use, rinse the brew basket and discard the used coffee filter or clean the reusable filter. Remove any coffee grounds or residue to prevent clogs or flavour contamination.

Check and clean the grinder (if applicable): If you have a coffee maker with a built-in grinder, clean it regularly as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

This includes removing coffee particles, cleaning the grinding burrs, and ensuring proper functionality.

Inspect and replace worn-out parts: Periodically check the condition of seals, gaskets, and other components. If you notice any signs of wear or damage, such as leaks or improper functioning, replace the worn-out parts to maintain optimal performance.

Follow usage guidelines: Adhere to the recommended brewing capacity, brewing time, and water-to-coffee ratio specified by the manufacturer. Using excessive amounts of coffee or water can strain the machine and affect the quality of the brew.

Store properly: When not in use, store your coffee maker in a clean, dry place to prevent dust, moisture, or other contaminants from entering the machine.

Remember to consult the specific instructions provided by your coffee maker’s manufacturer for detailed maintenance guidelines tailored to your machine!

What To Expect From Our Coffee Machine Repair Services

What makes our repair services exceptional?
1. Professional Repair Technicians

Our team of expert technicians knows what it takes to get the job done and get it done right.

Their many years of experience in the industry have exposed them to hundreds of different coffee machines.

They will know the problem in seconds and present you with a solution to have your coffee machine up and running in no time.

2. Reliable and Trusted Team

When our technicians come to your home or office, we ensure that they will provide you with the attention and service that you need. They are licensed and insured and have been extensively screened and trained to provide the highest quality of services our company can provide.

You can trust that they are reliable, knowledgeable, and experts at what they do. If not, then they won’t be working for us.

3. Transparency

When our team comes to your home and take a look at your coffee machine, they will tell you exactly what’s wrong and what may have caused the problem.

Regarding Melbourne Coffee Machine Repairs, we offer the industry’s most honest and transparent services. If we believe your machine is beyond repair, we will tell you upfront.

We won’t repair your appliance if we believe keeping it will cost you more than buying a new one.

4. Affordable services

We have been in the industry for many years and know that affordable prices, high-quality work, and a courteous and professional team of technicians are the keys to success. Thus, we provide you with excellent repair services without breaking the bank.

5. Clean services

Melbourne Coffee Machine Repairs can be messy. We’ve got tools, your machine may have coffee residue, and overall, repairing and servicing appliances is a mess.

But you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after our technicians, they have been trained to clean up after themselves, providing you not only with affordable prices, and excellent repairs but also clean services.

 The next time your office coffee machine or home coffee maker starts to make unusual sounds or not working as it should, it’s time you call us and if you make that call before 12 noon, one of our technicians will be at your door within the day.  



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