There are lots of things to consider when choosing what is best for you and your family. Read along and find the pros and cons of modern houses and renovated old homes.

Renovated Old Homes:

  • Size – A renovated old home has a bigger property size as they used to build houses on larger lots. A home built in the 1950’s and the 1960’s has a typical living space of around 900 to 1,600 square feet (earlier, families and relatives used to stay in one house and so they had to be in a big property). Land before was cheap, so people opted to buy a bigger lot for their house. It wasn’t unusual then to be larger than what it is today, especially in the suburbs.
  • Privacy – Aside from the size, old homes give you privacy from those nosy neighbors. Some new subdivisions or villages, they tend to build a new house right next to each other, making these neighbors see you from their window and even hear your conversations and vice versa. Old homes were built with high fences, and houses were apart from each other.
  • Location – Older homes may be closer to the city, giving you less commute time. And as time passes by, a home closer to the city will be of bigger value in the next 10-20 years and that is because of the land. 
  • Materials – Not to mention the type of wood and materials used in the past, redwood instead of pine, 2 x 6 instead of 2 x 4. Yes, there have been lots of changes as everything now seems to be too expensive.
  • Also, with renovated old homes, plumbing, electrical systems, roof, termites and structural integrity always need to be checked annually or every 6 months.

Modern Homes

  • Amenities – Modern homes like something Persona Homes, Perth’s custom home builder creates have many more amenities – can include: installed yard sprinklers, HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilations and Air Conditioning), plastic pipes or tubing, alarm system, and a lot of modern features just not available in older residences.
  • Size – Modern houses may be small or big in property size, but inside the house itself, you can say that it was built with lots of thinking – from storage to additional rooms and bathrooms (putting spaces or gaps in your house into better use).
  • Maintenance – Like what is mentioned above, houses before were built big and on large lots. It may be renovated but it would surely cost lots of money. But with modern houses, it’s been touched by new techniques and was made easier to maintain – like with piping, in old houses you would have to avoid rust in all the metal tubes, but today pipes are made of plastic to avoid that rust; roofing as well, with old homes someone would have to go up the roof and keep sealing some holes that have been made over time, and with modern houses, there are new types that don’t really need to be checked as it’s made to last. 

To sum it all up, think about this – living in a renovated old home may be good as it still gives that cozy feeling and that old elegant look, but in the next 5 years do you think you have to do another renovation? While with modern houses, it’s easier to maintain and won’t need some renovation in maybe the next 15-20yrs. Also, consider the location and environment – if it’s accessible to the market, school or work and if it’s a safe place. 

Modern Home versus Renovated Old Home

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