Your oven is likely one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. However, when it stops working, you may be struggling to get by.

Many people run into problems with this appliance and when wondering, why has my oven stopped heating up, there are a few common causes.

Before going through these causes though, it may be handy to get the owner’s manual if you have it as this tool can help you with repairs and understanding any potential problems.

Tripped Breaker

breaker panel, circuit breaker at home

Ovens use a fair amount of electricity to run so something as simple as a power surge could trip the breaker. Locate the breaker panel in your house and search for the switch that is connected to the oven. If it’s tripped, then the switch will be halfway between the off and on positions.

Push the switch to the off position and then back to the on. This will fix the problem. However, if it continues to trip, you may need to contact an electrician as this may be a sign of a bigger underlying problem.

Heating Element Broken

When it comes to ovens not heating, a defective heating element is the most common problem. An electric oven has an element on the top for baking and a bottom one for broiling. It’s fairly easy to tell if the element is working or not since it will glow red when it’s on.

However, you may find that the oven is heating but not to the appropriate temperature. Check the heating elements when the oven is one. It’s common for one element to be working and the other one not working.

This is fairly common with older ovens and simply means that you will have to replace one of the elements. If you install a new element and the oven still isn’t working, then it’s likely an electrical problem. If you have a voltage meter, you can test the wires that lead to the element hook-up.

If there is a bad wire or loose connection, an electrician can usually repair the problem. For a nonworking element, you can probably replace this on your own. However, a repairman can also do this if you don’t feel comfortable.

Temperature Sensor or Bulb Not Working

lady looking or checking the oven if its heating up or the bulb is working

Most ovens have a temperature sensor that monitors the oven temperature and functions by increasing or decreasing the temperature. If the sensor isn’t working, then the oven won’t heat correctly or possibly not at all. Most sensors have a display on the oven. The sensor can be replaced but you’ll want to check the oven elements and wires first. If your oven does not have a sensor, then it likely has a temperature bulb to control the heat. Check the bulb to ensure that it’s not burnt out or loose.

Ignitor Isn’t Working

If you have a gas oven, then there are additional areas that may be a problem. If the gas oven isn’t heating correctly, then the ignitor is the most common problem. Make sure that you check this by first turning the gas off for the oven.

The ignitor is located at the back of the oven compartment so you’ll have to remove the ignitor by removing it from the floor of the oven. If you have a multimeter, take the probes and place them on the first and second terminals.

The multimeter should register a signal. If not, then the ignitor doesn’t have any continuity and will need to be replaced. Your guide should have the type of ignitor but you can also use a repairman to do this.

Check Error Codes

digital oven with codes or combination of numbers or temperature

If you have a digital oven, then it may already be sensing that there is a problem. Error codes are a combination of numbers and letters.

Each code relates to a problem so take note if there is an error code on the display. Your owner’s manual will explain what each code indicates and how to repair the problem.

Once you have an idea of what’s causing the problem, you may be able to do some of these repairs on your own.

However, a qualified technician is a great asset to have if you don’t feel comfortable making repairs or these common problems don’t apply to your oven.

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