The dishwasher is an important piece of equipment and also an expensive one. While a good quality dishwasher should offer years of use, eventually, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

When you run into problems, you may be wondering, is it better to repair or replace a dishwasher?

There is no one right answer or criteria for this question but consider these features when deciding on a repair vs a replacement.


This is the first question that you should ask. If the dishwasher is still covered under a warranty, then your most economical option would be fixing it.

It may be a hassle since you’ll have to find a repair shop that is factory authorized who can perform the repairs.

However, once you go through this step, your dishwasher should be repaired or replace and you won’t have to cover the cost of these repairs, saving you money in the long run.


The age of the dishwasher makes a big difference. Although there is no fast rule when it comes to age, most dishwashers over eight years will need to be replaced unless the repair is very minor.

know the age of a dishwasher

Recently built dishwashers should last about 6-10 years so your washer may simply be reaching the end of its natural life. It may also be more challenging to find replacement parts for older models.

Newer dishwashers are more efficient though so upgrading to a newer model may save you enough in water and electricity costs to make it worthwhile to replace rather than just repair.

Type of Repair

If you know what’s broken in the dishwasher, then you’ll have a better idea of which option makes more sense. A dishwasher, especially an older model, may simply not be worth repairing.

A simple repair such as a broken door latch, soap dispenser, drain pump or fill valve are all fairly minor. Repairing these areas will probably be fairly inexpensive and may even be repaired on your own.

Major parts such as circulation pumps or motors are probably not going to be economical after the cost of the part and the labor cost.

Repair Cost

Once you have a professional look at the dishwasher, request a quote for the repair. Compare the cost of the repair to the cost of purchasing a new dishwasher.

Chances are that the repair will be less but may not be worth the cost. A repair that costs less than 50% of the price of a new model is a general rule.

cost of repairing a dishwasher, calculator, bill

If it’s more than that, you may want to consider getting a new model.

Additionally, if the dishwasher is nearing the end of its predicted life, it’s probably only a good idea to have it repaired if the cost of the repair is very low.

It’s likely that something else will break and you could spend a lot of money on repairs.

Cost of a New Model

Depending on the type of dishwasher you have in your home, you may find that installing a new model is or isn’t worth your cost.

For example, some homeowners who have to purchase a specialized machine or a top-of-the-line dishwasher are going to find that it probably makes sense to hold onto their dishwasher for a little longer.

In contrast, a standard dishwasher is not a cheap purchase but can be a good investment if your dishwasher is already six years old or older.

One way to get an idea of how much you can pay for a new model would be to shop around for your replacement dishwasher.

Depending on your area and needs, you’ll get an idea of how much you’ll pay and be able to make an informed decision.

In general, newer dishwashers can and should be repaired when they have breakdowns. In contrast, older models should usually be replaced unless the repair is going to be fairly minor and inexpensive.

You may be able to do some repairs on your own but it’s best to use a professional for significant repairs or if you don’t feel comfortable with dishwashers.

This guide provides you with a framework for making an informed decision when your dishwasher starts to break down.


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