One day, it could happen. After hours of drying, the clothes are still wet. The dryer takes longer than it should finish its cycle. Then, you try to restart it, but it does not even start at all. Maybe, it just happens on a cloudy, humid day! You might have tried to clean the filter with no success.

Perhaps, it is something more serious. At this point, the intervention of an expert technician is unavoidable. So, how much is it going to cost you? How much does a dryer repair cost in Australia?

Troubleshooting and repairing minor dryer issues The dryer saves you time and prevents you from hanging clothes on a line. Like your Samsung washing machine, it is critical to keep it in good condition. Otherwise, the damages will cost you more every time you need to repair the dryer machine.

man getting the clothes out from dryer, a malfunctioning heat pump or resistance automatically means partial drying

The average cost to repair a dryer is generally between AU$ 160 and AU$ 650, depending on the type of repair. Several things can go wrong with your tumble dryer.

To repeat, you must use it regularly, perform recurring maintenance, and repair it as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common problems in detail and the average repair costs.

The dryer machine does not turn on.

Most of the time, the control board is broken. The technician will replace it for AU$ 100 or more. In this case, repairing old dryer models may cost you more money or time.

Often, older models need replacement parts difficult to find. The safety thermostat can also cause this issue. In fact, it happens that this thermostat trips due to excessive temperatures being reached (overheating).

When the thermostat shuts down, it blocks the entire machine. Resetting or replacing the safety thermostat will cost you up to AU$ 280.

The dryer does not heat up or overheats.

The heat pump or the electrical resistance can cause either of these two issues. To specify, these are the two modes of air heating found in dryers on the market today. In any case, a malfunctioning heat pump or resistance automatically means partial drying.

A quick and cheap resolution of the problem may not always be a common scenario. Unfortunately, one or more parts of the heating system may be damaged. Here is a list of components and the price to repair them:

  • Thermal fuse repair costs between AU$ 120 and AU$ 200
  • Timer repair costs between AU$ 160 and AU$ 240
  • Gas igniter repair costs between AU$ 150 and AU$ 280
  • Heating element repair costs about AU$ 350

The dryer is noisy

Fixing noisy dryers is a common request that technicians get all year round. Sometimes, repairs are very affordable. For example, repairing the drum glide can cost you between AU$ 80 and AU$ 160.

woman getting the clothes inside the dryer, noisy dryer

On the other hand, if you need a new door, you might want to consider getting a new dryer machine.

For the door repair or replacement, you might have to spend up to AU$ 1700. Then again, you might have to fix or replace other parts such as the drum seal or the blower wheel. In that case, the price will vary in the AU$ 100 – 800 range.

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