The definitive guide to caring for your household appliances in Australia so you (almost) never need to substitute them.

We have included kitchen appliances and also other electrical gear as well.


Make-it-Last Habit:
Condenser coilsthe big, radiator-like element in the rear of or beneath the appliance–eliminate heat from the fridge and freezer. When dirt and dust adhere to the coils, then the machine can not lose heat as efficiently, which may mean greater utility bills and expensive repairs. Check the operator’s manual to find out how often to wash the coils; utilize the vacuum’s brush attachment.

If your fridge seems like it is straining, be certain that the condenser coils are clean, that there is at least one inch between the refrigerator and the wall to get sufficient air flow, and that the gasket (door seal) isn’t dry or dividing.


Make-it-Last Habit:
So can the dirt and oils out of things like painting and gardening tools. And it might seem obvious, but do not put non dishwasher-safe things in the dishwasheryou can hurt the product, yes, but you might also damage the machine.

The pill’s ingredients split down mineral residue and aid dislodge food residue.


Make-it-Last Habit:
Make sure you regularly clean the outside of the oven

Moisture buildup on the interior of the oven’s glass panel signifies the seal was compromised. Check the operator’s manual to determine which sort of replacement gasket to purchase. The repair should take only minutes.

Garage Door:

Make it last Habit: Get a regular service.
If you regularly service you garage door it will last almost 20+ years. For a small cost each year its well worth the quick 30min appointmet. Just as our partners Top Garage Repair in Queensland.


Make-it-Last Habit:
Clean up spills when they occur. Once weekly, wipe down the door seal, framework, and control panel by means of a cloth dampened with cleaner. Or try this simple cleaning approach.

If your microwave is behaving, go to to help diagnose the issue. Enter your model number from the Repair Help section of the website and consider the record of symptoms (buttons do not function, turntable does not rotate) to find out the most probable reason for the problem and how to repair it.


Make-it-Last Habit:
Keep the door open between bicycles to help it completely dry and to prevent mould growth.

The legs on many versions are flexible, but two individuals are required to fix them securely.


Make-it-Last Habit:
Overloading the drier is among the fastest methods to enhance its life period, so stick to the guide’s guidelines on load capability.

If garments take more than 60 minutes to dry, lint is most likely clogging the ventilation system. Eliminate stubborn residue in the lint filter using a bristle brush, and then replace the filter in case you find any holes or tears. While you’re at it, disconnect the machine, then remove the front or rear panel, and vacuum from the dryer cabinet.

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