Removing a dishwasher by yourself may seem difficult at first but if you know exactly what to do, the process can get much easier. The guide below will help you to do just that.

Disconnect A Power

You should disconnect a power supply before you start working on the dishwasher. First, locate the circuit breaker and then flip a breaker to an off position.

If a dishwasher is plugged into the outlet under a sink, unplug a dishwasher from an outlet. If you don’t find the plug under a sink, the dishwasher will be wired directly.

Disconnect A Water Supply

Try locating the water supply line (metal one) that is leading from the dishwasher. Then follow it to a supply connection on a wall. Now turn a supply knob clockwise till it is tight.

Remove A Water Supply Line

It’s connected with 1 metal nut. Use the crescent wrench for loosening and removing it.

Disconnect A Drain Hose At The Garbage Disposal

To do so, loose a screw on a hose clamp using the screwdriver till it’s detached. Then pull a drain hose into an area below the sink. Note, some water can leak from a hose as you do so.

 A woman holding the dishwasher door, trying to locate the screws to remove the panel

Detach From A Countertop

The dishwasher is typically attached to the kitchen countertop’s underside with 2 screws. Try using the screwdriver for removing screws from an attachment bracket.

Remove A Panel

You can find it at the dishwasher’s bottom that covers an underside. It’s attached to a dishwasher with several screws.

Locate those screws, and unscrew each from a frame by using the screwdriver. Now you can remove a panel.

Disconnect A Water Supply From A Dishwasher

silver hose to disconnect a water supply from a dishwasher

Locate a power supply (a yellow or white cord), a water supply (copper or steel pipe), and a drain hose.

Now try disconnecting a water supply from a dishwasher, which is connected to a dishwasher with 1 metal nut.

Try using the crescent wrench for loosening a nut till you can turn it by using your fingers. Keep loosening a nut until a water supply pipe becomes fully disconnected.

Loosen A Dishwasher’s Front Legs

Try using the crescent wrench so that you can loosen a leveling leg screw. After a screw is loosened, turn a leg by using your fingers.

Then loosen two front legs till there’s an inch of the space between the floor and leg foot.

Loosen A Dishwasher’s Back Legs

Slide a dishwasher out to make working on it easier, but keep in mind that it may damage the floor. Place the cardboard’s large piece in front of a dishwasher’s leveling legs.

Grab a dishwasher from its bottom, then lift it onto a cardboard. Slide the dishwasher far out from a counter, keeping in mind that the dishwasher can be connected to a power supply even now.

Now try pushing a supply line from a sink area to the dishwasher’s behind. Now reach under a dishwasher and loosen 2 back leveling legs.

Try using the crescent wrench and your fingers to loosen your legs an inch.

Turn off The Power

stop button, disconnecting a power to remove the dishwasher

Use the voltage detector pen for checking if power is still running to a dishwasher.

If the voltage meter suddenly lights up, it means a power line to a dishwasher remains hot, indicating you haven’t switched off a correct circuit breaker.

Before moving on, ensure the voltage meter doesn’t detect power in a power supply line. After you become certain there’s no power, follow a wire to a power box that you can find beneath the dishwasher.

Open an electrical box in a dishwasher by unscrewing 1 or 2 screws. You’ll find black, white, and copper wires inside.

Unscrew black and white wire nuts. Now detach a copper wire. You can do this by easily unscrewing it from the box. Replace wire nuts on wires leading from a wall. Now the power is finally disconnected.

Remove A Dishwasher

Now slide a dishwasher from under a countertop. Ensure not to scratch the floor.

Final Thoughts

If you are a handy person, removing a dishwasher by yourself should not pose a problem, but if you rather use the help of a professional, you should contact them as soon as possible so that you can deal with it quickly.

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