Dishwashers are fairly reliable appliances but they do run into problems. One of the common problems is that your dishwasher may outlive some of the usefulness of its parts.

For example, dishwasher baskets are used to hold silverware but may not sturdy enough to last the length of the dishwasher’s normal life.

Dishwasher baskets seem like they should be easy to replace. You can always replace a dishwasher basket by purchasing a new one from the manufacturer but this may not always be your best option. Depending on the age of the dishwasher, replacement parts may not be available.

This part can also be fairly expensive. Regardless of the reason though, you may be able to repair it on your own. The exact cause of the basket problems aren’t that important but since the damages can vary, these are a few potential ways to repair the basket.

Glue Broken Areas

glue the broken area of a dishwasher basket

Depending on the wear and tear of the basket, you may find that the basket has broken areas.

Since most of the baskets are made from plastic, they can suffer wear over time and break down, especially with certain stressors.

You may be able to bend the broken parts back into place but how do you keep it in place?

Interestingly enough, you don’t typically do this with glue. Instead, repairing the problem is typically done with vinyl paint, the type that is designed for dishwashers.

Use a dollop of latex paint to seal the broken spots back together again. Apply any additional paint when its completely dried in order to ensure a good seal.

Cover the Holes

Although you can patch any holes that occur on the bottom of the basket, this may not be enough to keep items from falling through. Depending on the size of the holes it may be challenging to keep pieces in place.

One great option is to patch them with scrubber pieces. Cut the scrubber pieces to fit the bottom of the basket.

This will form a surface where water can still drain and enter the basket but will prevent your silverware from falling outside of the basket.

Depending on the size of the holes, you may find that you want to secure the scrubber pieces in place. There are a few ways to do this. You can glue the pieces into place by gluing the sides of the pieces. This will be secure although it may need to be reglued over time.

You can also fasten the pieces in place more securely by using plastic zip ties or other fasteners to keep them securely in place.

Since the scrubber pieces may need to be occasionally removed and cleaned on their own, you may want to consider an attachment method that can be removed occasionally.

Use Zip Ties

use a zip tie to fix the dishwasher basket

Depending on where the holes are in the basket, you can remake them although this may take a fair amount of work. You will need plastic zip ties to do this.

By weaving them into the holes, you can secure the silverware and also create a long-lasting fix. It’s likely that more holes will develop over time and you can continue to use the zip ties to repair the areas.

Keep in mind that you may still end up with a basket that loses all structural integrity over time and will need to be replaced.

Find a Replacement

dishwasher basket with red glass, replacement for dishwasher basket

If you can find a basket with holes in it from a local craft store, then you may be able to use it in your dishwasher. You’ll have to ensure that it’s heat-resistant as dishwashers can get fairly hot.

However, if you find a basket that has the general dimensions of your dishwasher, this is an option to replace it, without having to purchase a special part for the silverware basket.

Keep in mind that it may take a fair amount of time, to find this replacement though which can be challenging.

These are all potential solutions for a broken dishwasher basket but not all of them may work for you.

Consulting with a technician may also provide additional options for your machine. If none of these fixes are available or will work for your dishwasher, then you may need to consider a replacement basket.

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