If you’re replacing a dishwasher, then you might not know how to uninstall a dishwasher. This is a fairly complicated piece of equipment.

While some people may be able to take it out on their own, don’t be afraid to call in a professional.

Most dishwashers are fairly heavy as well so you should only attempt to uninstall when you have another person helping you. To get an idea of the process though, these are the steps needed to remove.

1. Disconnect the Power

Since the dishwasher is an electrical appliance, you need to disconnect the power supply as the first step. Locate your circuit breaker and then flip the breaker to the off position for the one that provides power to the dishwasher.

Some washers may be connected to the house’s electrical system. If this is the case, your dishwasher may simply be plugged into an outlet.

Disconnect the power before uninstalling the dishwasher

Unplug from the outlet before moving forward. If it’s directly wired, then you’ll have an additional step.

2. Disconnect the Water

The washer is also going to be connected to the water supply which will be located under the kitchen sink.

Locate the water supply line that goes from the dishwasher to the supply connection on the wall.

There will be a knob that can be turned clockwise until it’s tight. This will cut the water supply from the washer.

3. Remove the Supply Line

The water supply line is going to be connected with a metal nut. You can use a crescent wrench to remove and loosen it.

You can also disconnect the drain hose. this is the line that runs from the washer to the sink’s drain.

A hand holding a water supply line

Disconnect it at the garbage disposal area by loosening the screw on the hose clamp with a screwdriver.

Pull the drain hose into the region below the sink. There may be some water present in the hose so have a few towels handy to mop up any water.

4. Detach from Counter

Your washer is likely going to be attached to the bottom of the kitchen countertop with a few screws.

Use the screwdriver to remove the screws from the attachment bracket. Save the screws as you may need them again in the future.

5. Remove the Panel

There is a panel at the bottom of the dishwasher that covers the bottom. this panel is used to hide the water supply and drain lines, and electrical supply. It’s attached with a few screws.

Remove them and set them aside. Remove the panel. Once the panel has been removed, locate the power supply cord. It will likely be a white or yellow card.

Locate the water and drain hoses. You’ll want to disconnect the supply hose using a crescent wrench. It will be connected with a metal nut that can easily be removed.

removing the panel of the dishwasher

6. Loosen the legs

The dishwasher is kept in place with four leveling legs. The crescent wrench you’ve been using can be used to loosen the legs by turning them counterclockwise.

Loosen them and then you’ll have enough room to tilt the washer and slide it out from under the countertop. Make sure to use a partner as this will be a heavy process.

7. Unplug the Power if Needed

If you were already able to disconnect the power with the breaker or by unplugging, you can skip this step.

However, use a voltage detector pen in order to check and see if power is running to the dishwasher. If the voltage meter lights up, then the power line is still active. Make sure you’ve turned off the breaker if it does.

Once no power is present, follow the power line to the power box beneath the dishwasher. Open the electrical box and you’ll find white, black, and copper wires.

Unscrew the nuts for the black and white wires. Detach the copper wire by unscrewing. The power is now disconnected.

detached from the countertop

Your dishwasher is now completely detached from the countertop. You can remove it from the property with your method of choice and install a new washer.

This process is fairly straightforward but you may want to consider using a professional if you don’t feel comfortable with the process. Being safe with any device should be a priority.


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