When your dishwasher breaks down, you may be tempted to fix it yourself. The DIY solution may seem like a good idea. But it is easier to make things worse.

When it comes to today’s high-tech dishwasher models, the best and least expensive option is to hire a professional trained to handle any issues.

How much does a dishwasher repair cost in Australia? woman sorting plates, looking at the dishwasher, How much does a dishwasher repair cost in Australia

Every professional’s quote includes both labor and spare parts.

On average, most appliance handymen charge AU$ 80-330 per worker-hour of labor. Plus the cost of materials.

It is not uncommon for dishwasher technicians to charge an additional 20% above the wholesale price point for spare parts and materials.

Of course, you will receive different quotes depending on the extent of the damage. Following, here are some common problems and repair costs.

Dishwasher exhaust not working

Failure to drain the water is almost always a problem connected to the obstruction of the exhaust pipe. For one thing, the malfunctioning of the drain can create many inconveniences.

For example, the accumulation of stagnant water on the bottom of the dishwasher. Or worse still, leaking from the appliance.

In addition to obstruction, the problem can also arise from incorrect screwing of the tube or its breakage. For commercial dishwasher models, it can lead to a dangerous accumulation of grease and rusty dishwasher fans.

You can spend anywhere between AU$ 240 and AU$ 1,000 to fix the exhaust system. To specify, this is the most expensive issue you can incur.

filter is one of the most underrated parts of a dishwasher

The dishes are not clean

The filter is one of the most underrated parts of a dishwasher. It plays a fundamental role in the dishwasher washing procedure. Mostly because, when the water and detergent flow inside the electrometer, all food residues move to the filter.

The most obvious sign that something is wrong is the presence of unfiltered food. Especially if the dishwasher keeps clogging even after you cleaned the filter.

If the filter is broken, you need to replace it. In that case, you can expect to pay up to AU$ 360.

You might save a little bit of money by choosing universal spare parts. But if you do, make sure the repair service offers a warranty on the spare parts.

Electrical problems

If the dishwasher is not working, even if you have checked and excluded all the parts that most commonly can create problems in the operation of a dishwasher, the cause could be of another nature.

In fact, in all probability, it is a problem external to the dishwasher. Most likely, an electrical issue.

In this case, the dishwasher technician will check for any of the following problems:

  • motor start relay problems (the average repair cost is usually less than AU$ 150)
  • malfunctioning dishwasher door latch (average repair cost = AU$ 180 – 330)
  • broken locking mechanism (average repair cost = AU$ 250 – 310)

If the dishwasher is still giving you problems, you might have to contact an electrician. After all, the dishwasher could be working just fine. Electrical system issues might be the cause of the problem.

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