When buying a stove, you need to keep it clean for better operation. This makes it last as long as possible. But daily cleaning is not enough. In fact, requesting the intervention of a professional for maintenance service means that the experts will carry out a more thorough cleaning procedure.

A first, the technician will always carry out a thorough cleaning not only of the external and commonly used parts but also of the internal mechanisms. Besides, a test will show the conditions of the mechanical parts and combustion. Then, the repair will be evaluated.

So, how much does a stove repair cost in Australia? Usually, an Australian private citizen can expect to pay anywhere between AU$ 50 and AU$ 400. Instead, commercial stoves might make the cost rise up to AU$ 500 or more. The cost of the repair service depends on the type, age, and conditions of the stove.

Here are some examples to explain what could drive up the repair price.

Pellet or wood stove burning issues

Pellet stoves use wood and other organic materials in a compressed state as a fuel source. So, it is critical to clean the exhaust pipes and vents correctly. Otherwise, clinkers will form and cause more troubles.

In most cases, pellet and wood stoves require repairs due to structural problems that make the unit unusable.

The most common cause of reduced efficiency is dirt. In detail, the accumulation of ash is attributable to problems such as poor combustion quality. Sometimes, the pellet stove does not even ignite due to a lack of airflow.

Weekly cleaning of the stove avoids most of these problems. Moreover, it helps the owner to save on the costs of home heating.

The average price to repair a pellet stove is around AU$ 200.

Factors that determine the repair cost of a pellet stove

The brand, style, and age of the pellet stove affect the repair costs. For example, spare parts for pellet stoves of well-known brands will be more expensive than those of more affordable brands. For low-cost pellet stoves, the price to replace the whole unit can be comparable to the repair price.

Generally speaking, older model stoves are more expensive to repair. To be precise, finding original spare parts for pellet stoves built before 2000 could be a real challenge.

Despite this, the type of repair required for the pellet stove will be the most critical factor in determining the price of the repair. Temperature switch repairs are simple and less expensive, while motor replacements will cost significantly more.

Repairs to thermostats take fewer hours of work than repairs that require unit disassembly and reassembly. The replacement of a switch or sensor can be completed by the technician in an hour, for less than AU$ 200. But the replacement of more crucial parts, such as the circuits, will require 3 to 4 hours of work, with labor costs of about AU$ 300.

How much can it cost to repair a gas stove in Australia?

kitchen gas stove is an everyday luxury that we can no longer do without

The kitchen gas stove is an everyday luxury that we can no longer do without. For this reason, our top parts must be in perfect condition at all times.

From the first moment you notice that the gas stove displays problems, the most advisable thing is to contact a specialized technician to check it.

Several issues might show up at once. So, here is a shortlist of the most common problems and repair costs:

  • Ignition problem AU$ 120 – AU$ 150
  • Stovetop repair AU$ 400 – AU$ 500
  • All burner replacement AU$ 600 – AU$ 700
  • Replacing the gas line AU$ 300 – AU$ 1200

Electric stove malfunctions

electric stove conduction, wok in the stove

The heating elements of this appliance are subjected to very strong thermal stresses. For this reason, failures are not uncommon.

Among the replacements that electric stoves require most often are those relating to switches, power cables, and resistors. The latter ones are wound on a ceramic or quartz support and are easily subject to breakage.

Even for minor issues, the repair of electric stoves in Australia can cost you more than the cost of the appliance. But it is not always that bad. Depending on the brand and year of production, it could cost be an affordable price.

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