Is your oven showing some problems? Maybe it’s not working as properly as before?

Or maybe it has completely shut down that you can no longer cook or bake anything in it?

If you are, then you might be wondering how much does an over repair costs in Australia?

Knowing the cost of oven repairs will give you an idea of whether or not having it repaired is an economical idea.

If you think that oven repairs cost too much, then maybe buying a new one will be a better option for you. You’ll be getting rid of an old oven and enjoying a brand new oven that’s working perfectly fine.

However, if your oven’s issue is minor and the general cost is significantly lower than buying a new one, then having your oven repaired by a professional technician would be the best choice in such a case.

So let’s get started. How much does an oven repair cost in Australia?

The General and Average Cost of Oven Repairs in Australia

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The average rate for oven repairs in Australia is somewhere around $70 per hour. That is considering oven issues that are either minor or a little more complex.

When replacement parts come into the picture, this rate goes up, as you would have to shoulder the cost of the repair. This estimated cost only covers the labor and some materials or special equipment used to fix your oven.

Several other factors will also come into play when it comes to the estimated cost of an oven repair. This includes the type of oven that you have, the age of your oven, and of course, the problem.

Your location in Australia will also play a factor in the cost, as rates in certain parts of the country have lower repair costs. while others have higher repair costs for ovens.

In general, the range of oven repair rates in the country falls between $55 for minor repairs, to $90 for more complex repairs. Keep in mind that this cost does not cover replacement parts yet.

Factors That Need to Be Considered for Oven Repairs

Type of Oven

Generally, gas ovens are more expensive to repair than electric ovens.

This is because of the fact that gas ovens are more complex in nature, and they also pose more hazards on the repairman, as well as the premises or environment.

Gas leaks are a major issue when it comes to gas ovens, and that’s why they can be more expensive.

Extent of Service

While some problems may only be minor, they can be labor and time-intensive, which means you can pay more even for minor problems if the technician’s rate is per hour.

Replacement Parts

Ovens have multiple parts that can be damaged over time. Repair costs can vary depending on the replacement parts that need to be purchased, then installed on your oven.

State or Location

The state of Victoria typically has lower oven repairs than other states. The average cost for oven repairs in Victoria is around $70, while in New South Wakes, it’s around $85 per hour, and in Queensland, around $90 per hour.

Oven Problems and Average Repair Costs

If an oven is making a loud or unusual noise, it could be a problem with the fan or fan motor.

1.Oven Makes a Loud or Unusual Noise

If an oven is making a loud or unusual noise, it could be a problem with the fan or fan motor.

If your oven needs a fan motor replacement, it could cost around $100 to $135 which includes labor and replacement parts.

2. Not Heating Properly

There are many reasons why your oven could not be heating properly. Food or foil may be stuck in the heating element, which just needs a little cleaning.

Or, it could be a problem with your oven’s thermostat. Cleaning will generally only cost around $55 but a complete recalibration of your thermostat could cost around $80.

Replacing your thermostat would cost more, depending on the replacement parts that need to be purchased and the amount of time it will take to completely remove, purchase, and install a new one.

3. Baking Element Not Working

If your baking element is not working, your oven is deemed useless.

Buying a new oven could be a better idea, but if you want it repaired, a technician can completely remove the element, and replace it with a new one.

When you have issues with your oven, call a professional technician immediately so you can determine which option is best for you: buying a new one or having it repaired.

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