While there are many problems that can occur with an oven, a blown fuse can prevent you from using your oven until repaired. This makes some people ask, how do I know if my oven fuse is blown? The simplest method is by completing a visual inspection of the fuse. If the clock, oven light, or range-top elements stop working, the most common cause is a blown fuse.

Finding the Problem

In order to determine if this is the cause, start by turning off the breaker so that the oven won’t turn on. Then find the location of the fuse panel in the oven.

This can be in a number of locations. The owner’s manual will have the location but you may commonly find it within a removable panel that’s near the controls or the power source.

Most range stores use plug fuses which have a threaded base that looks like a light bulb and a glass top.

If the fuse is blown, the metal link under the glass surface is going to be blackened and broken.

If you can’t see this, then a multimeter can be used to test if the fuse is still working.

The meter can be set to the continuity test and place the leads on the fuse’s base and metal tip. The meter will let you know if the fuse is still good.

Replacing a Blown Fuse a technician replacing a fuse in board of the oven.

Fuses on ovens will blow but it’s fairly easy to replace them. When your fuse is blown, the easiest method is to take out the broken fuse and replace it with the exact same fuse type.

Replacing the fuse that has a different amperage rating will cause the fuse to continue to blow in the future.

You may already know the fuse you need or it may be in the owner’s manual.

If not, unscrew the broken fuse and take it to a local hardware store. Ask for an exact replacement.

Once you have it, screw the new one into the socket and turn the breaker back on to restore power to the stove.

Potential Problems

There are a few other culprits which could lead to a blown fuse or causing your oven to stop working.

These problems may be noticed when you’re assessing your oven but probably will require a professional to repair.

  • Burnt wire connection- the supply wires may burn out near the heating elements in the stove. Take a look at the wires and notice if they appear to be damaged in any way. If so, the damaged wire will need to be replaced.
  • Defective thermostat sensor- if your oven has a thermostat, it may not be working correctly which can lead to a blown fuse. When the oven is at room temperature, use a multimeter to test the sensor resistance. The display on the meter should have 1100 ohms. If not, then you’ll need to replace the sensor.
  • Defective control board- the control board is responsible for controlling the heat and functions of the oven. If the sensor shows accurate resistance when tested, then the control board is likely the culprit of your problem. The control board isn’t easy to test but take a look at it. Visually inspect the board for signs of burning. If you notice any problems, it’s likely that the control board will need to be replaced.

technician sorting his tools to fix a blow oven.

When to Call a Pro

While replacing a broken fuse is fairly simple and most people can manage this on their own, you may need to reach out to a professional if this fix doesn’t end up repairing the problem.

If you replace the fuse and the oven still doesn’t work, it’s likely a different problem. If the fuse continues to blow, then there may be a larger electrical problem to address.

It’s possible that the oven may have loose wiring, damaged wires, or wiring problems causing the fuse to overload. You can continue to fix a broken fuse but it’s best to address the root problem.

A professional electrician can upgrade or repair the wiring. Since they have greater expertise in this area, they’ll be able to let you know the source of the problem as well as the recommended solution.

While many repairs can be done on your own, it’s best to use a professional with wiring and more technical work.

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