Is your washer not draining or spinning all of a sudden and you are wondering what you should do? Don’t worry; a washing machine not draining or spinning is quite a common issue.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about possible causes and fixes of this problem so that you can solve the issue all by yourself.

Tips To Help You Solve The Issue


1. Check The Power Supply Of A Machine

checking the power supply of the washing machine
If there’s something wrong with the washing machine’s power source, chances are, it won’t even start at all. Begin by checking on the power cord and ensure that it is plugged.

The vigorous movements of a machine, which happen more frequently when a load is unbalanced, can accidentally unplug the power cord. In case the cord is tied, try untying it in order to give it much better flexibility. If the machine is plugged but still does not work, reset the circuit breaker.

Start looking for a circuit breaker and once you find it, check to see whether it is turned on. In case it is, you need to switch it off. Then wait for 5 seconds and switch it back on.

2. Reset The Machine

perform master reset to the washing machine if it is not draining or spinning
If a machine comes with this function, perform the master reset on it. You can do this by unplugging a washer for a minute or so before you plug it back in.

Then try opening and closing its door continuously for 12 seconds. This will be a signal to a machine to reset everything.


3. Check The Position Of A Machine On The Floor

Ensure that it remains flat on the floor. Inclined or unbalanced machines are usually programmed to automatically stop functioning to protect themselves from falling over.

If your machine is inclined or unbalanced, try adjusting its legs and ensure that it remains secured in place.


4. Rebalance The Load Of A Washer

Improperly distributed clothes inside the washing machine

Improperly distributed clothes inside your washing machine can also be the reason why it stops functioning properly. While the majority of washers automatically try to balance all the clothes inside them, there are some that are not very successful when clothes are too heavy.

Some of the most common causes of imbalances include having too many jeans, sheets, towels, and some other thick clothing, all of which are high-absorption materials. In such a case, you need to redistribute clothes and ensure that they are not stuck on one side.

Then close the washer’s lid and wait for it to start working again. If you have distributed the load properly, it’ll most likely start working again.


5. Check Water Level Control Of A Washer

The faulty water level control may be the reason why your machine is not draining or spinning. You can fix this by opening a machine’s control panel and checking for the plastic tube that is connected to a water level valve.

In case it’s clogged, try using vinegar to thoroughly clean a clog. If the corroded valve is causing the issue, replace it.


6. Clean Out A Coin Trap

The purpose of the built-in coin trap is to catch foreign objects before they are able to flow out of a drain. In most cases, the coin trap has an easy-access panel that can be checked and cleaned out when there is an issue with draining.


7. Do Not Use The Extension Cord

A woman wearing green dress, trying to plug the washing machine on the extension cord

A heavy-duty power cord needs to be plugged directly into the outlet, not into the extension cord.

A lot of extension cords cannot conduct enough electricity in order to power a washer’s motor, which may subsequently overheat, shutting itself off.

A washer will likely function again once a motor cools, but an issue may still occur again. Moreover, relying on the extension cord can shorten the lifespan of a washer.


Final Thoughts

Once you figure out the possible issue that stops your washer from draining or spinning, fixing it won’t be all that difficult. Especially if you will follow the instructions thoroughly.

However, if you won’t be able to solve the problem by yourself, you should consider contacting a professional plumber.

Thanks to their experience and knowledge, they will be able to assist you with the problem so that you’ll get rid of it once and for all.


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