The average Australian household of four can have about 8 to 10 loads of laundry per week. That’s a whole lot of laundry, which means a washing machine is an essential appliance for any home.

So when it breaks down, it can be the most annoying thing to happen to your day, and can completely derail your life. When your washing machine in Australia breaks down, you need to have it fixed immediately.

The earlier you have it fixed, the less damage occurs, and of course, the earlier you can use your washer once again.

But wait, how much does it cost? Is it expensive? What if you only have a portable machine? Are there technicians who can fix lost cost washers?

If you want to know the average cost of having your washing machine repaired in Australia, here is a rundown of the common washing machine problems and the average costs.

Water leaking can happen under the unit or through the hoses

1.Your Washer is Leaking

This is one of the most common washing machine problems. Water leaking can happen under the unit or through the hoses. Whichever part of the washer may be leaking water, it causes a major problem. With a leak, the average cost to have it repaired can go for around $75 to $200, depending on the labor and materials that are needed. A hose replacement can cost around $100, which includes the part and labor.

2.Your Washer Won’t Spin

So you’ve put your laundry inside, you’ve got the water running, and your soap is ready. But wait, why isn’t it spinning?

No matter how much you press on the spin cycle button or how much you turn it on and off, your washing machine just won’t spin. What could be the problem?

Washers not spinning is another common problem, and it could be caused by a broken pump or an agitator problem.

The average cost for this kind of problem can be around $175 to $500 depending on which part of the washer is damaged.

if your water won't drain, then there could be a problem with broken pumps, or clogged hoses, or maybe malfunctioning valves in a washing machine

3.Water Won’t Drain

Another one of the more common washing machine problems, if your water won’t drain, then there could be a problem with broken pumps, or clogged hoses, or maybe malfunctioning valves.

It could also be a problem with the drain switch. Whatever might cause your washer not to drain the water, a professional can diagnose the problem and provide a solution, with average costs around $150 to $300.

4.Washing Machine Won’t Start

And of course, the most common problem of all, your washing machine won’t start. There are many reasons why your washer might not start. It could be caused by a faulty electrical outlet or a problem with your fuse.

Or it could even be a problem with your washer’s motor, control buttons, belt, and many other causes. To have your washing machine repaired, this problem could cost around $200 to $400.

Factors That Cause Washing Machine Repair Costs

A washing machine’s problem isn’t the only factor to determine the cost of the repair. There are many other considerations when it comes to the repair costs a professional technician will require.

These factors include:

  • Type of Washing Machine
  • Age of Your Washing Machine
  • The Problem

In terms of the type of washing machine, portable and semi-automatic washing machines are the cheapest to repair. They can be bought at a lower cost, as well, so it’s not surprising that their parts and labor costs are cheaper compared to other types of washers.

However, the downside is that lower cost washing machines are typically made by lower quality brands, and you might find it hard to find a repair shop or technicians who handle such types of washing machines. Replacement parts may also be harder to find.

Here are the average costs for washing machine repairs, according to the type:

  • Portable Washing machine – $80 to $150
  • Semi-Atuomatic – $100 to $200
  • Top Loader – $150 to $225
  • Front Loader – $200 to $300

Washing machines are a necessity for any household. If you detect a problem with your washer, you must immediately call a professional repair company to do the job as soon as possible.

The earlier you have your washer repaired, the better. If you’re wary about the cost, this list of average costs and repair prices will give you a general idea.


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